Alternatively, you can use the MobilePay application. The number to donate to is 77768 (note that your name won’t immediately be shown on our site)

How to donate:

1. Click the donate button above
2. Fill in your information
3. Make sure that “The Baltic Swim” is your team name!

To see the donations visit The Baltic Swim’s puhdasmeri site at

Baltic Swim T-shirts

You can also support the project by buying our T-shirts done in collaboration with Chris-Craft. For every purchased T-shirt, 10 euros (100% of profits) is donated to John Nurminen Foundation.

Check out the T-shirts over at

The Baltic Sea is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. We have the ability and the choice to do what needs to be done. By donating to the John Nurminen Fund, you are directly supporting and working for a healthier Baltic Sea.

“I’ve been swimming in the Baltic Sea since I was a child, it’s a part of my home. In my relatively short lifespan, I’ve witnessed firsthand the detrimental development of the Baltic Sea. I want to do something, and the time to act is now. Every stroke swum is for our beloved Baltic Sea. Let’s save the Baltic Sea together.”

        – Gustav Kvikant

Please read more about The John Nurminen Fund and their current projects to save the Baltic here: